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Jonathan Saunders Britain Creates Project
Tile Rework-04

In 2012, Jonathan Saunders collaborated with sculptor Jess Flood-Paddock to create a large-scale polypropelene installation for Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion, a celebration of British creativity that celebrated and combined the disciplines of fashion and art at the V&A. Their work Life united the graphical juxtapositions that mark Saunders’ work with Flood-Paddock’s commentaries on consumer culture.

Each of the 200 screen-prints that comprised the installation was created by throwing one of Saunders’ jumpers onto an exposing plate and then printing with one single sweep. Thus, the resulting prints were entirely unique, and the piece became a testament to both craftsmanship and the graphicism that marks both Saunders and Flood-Paddock’s work. Hung on clear, polycarbonate rods, the final manifestation of the installation allowed each print to interact with one another in layers of colour while suggesting garments on a rail; one wanted to rifle through them, to touch the piece, its tactile humanness strangely magnetic.

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